How to upload your own 3D Model in the BRIKL system?

This section provide a step-by-step guide  how to upload your own 3D model to BRIKL.

Step 1 - Create a new product

Go to Catalog and create a new product.

Screen Shot 2564-03-12 at 19.56.47

Fill out the required information: ID, Title and Slug. Activate the "Enabled" and "Is Custom Product" boxes.

Step 2 - Add the 3D model files

Open the Studio Editor.

Screen Shot 2564-03-12 at 20.02.36

BRIKL Dashboard - Open Studio Editor

Since no 3D model files have been uploaded yet, the initial screen after loading will be empty. Go to Studio Settings in the right top corner.

Screen Shot 2564-03-12 at 19.58.51BRIKL Dashboard - Studio Settings

You are now ready to upload following:

  • obj file
  • mtl file
  • uv map
  • background (this is optional)

To help you get started, you can download test files here.

  • obj file (download a test file here)
  • mtl file (download a test file here)
  • uv map (download a test file here)

After you've uploaded the files, make sure to do a hard reload of your browser page (option/ctrl/r) to update the data.

Screen Shot 2564-03-12 at 19.58.58
BRIKL Dashboard - 3D Model Assets

In case you've created your own obj file, you need to make sure that at least one SVG path has a DIM tag. This is needed so that the actual size of the product elements can be defined by the BRIKL software. Learn how to add a DIM tag here.