Brikl: a next-generation alternative to Joomla

No site is perfect, but every site can be made better with Brikl. Discover the powerful potential of our next-generation customizable eCommerce platform to boost your site’s selling and customization potential. Our team of experts will guide you through the setup process so you can choose as few or as many of Brikl’s features as you like.

Why choose Brikl?


arrow-iconConvenience. Customization. Security: See what spending Brikl can do to boost your leads and conversion. Experience next-generation eCommerce functionality, customization, and secure payments across one platform.

arrow-iconJoin the winning team: One-click setup, enhanced customization, fundraising options, and so much more. We’ve made it easy for you to reach your goals. That’s why Brikl is the leading provider of team store software.

arrow-iconDiscover a new dimension to your designs: No technical experience or coding required—Brikl’s intuitive, next-generation features drag-and-drop usability that renders 2D designs into 3D. Create, collaborate, share, and so much more.

arrow-iconPut the heart back into your business: Donate to charitable organizations. Create a buzz around your brand through discounts and promotions. And make a purchase extra-special through gift options

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