How to set-up a print library

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Not all customers may have prints available so being able to select a print from a library in the 3D configurator is important.

In order to add prints, navigate to the Design tab in the BRIKL Dashboard. Next, click on the Print Library tab. You can drag and drop all your prints in one go.

You can set the default scale, rotation, and offset for each of your prints. Offset X means the degree to which you can move the print horizontally (left or right). Offset Y means the degree to which you can move the print vertically (up or down).

Make sure all your prints are in SVG file format for best performance and to ensure print readiness afterward. Alternatively, you can use PNG/JPG, but this will increase the loading time and may not always be usable for printing. In the case of PNG/JPG, make sure to have a Dot Per Inch (DPI) higher than 150, although we strongly advise using 300 DPI for good printing/production results.

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