How to define the correct size of a pattern in BRIKL?

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To define the correct size of a pattern in BRIKL software, you need to define the dimensions of either the longest or the widest piece of your pattern. 

To do so you need to open your pattern file into your preferred vectorial design software, like Adobe Illustrtor.

Once you have your software open, make sure the document is set up correctly. You first need to open the “Document Setup” menu.

Select Document Setup > Change Unit to Centimeters > OK

Select one piece, preferably a rectangular or square shape with a simple to define width or height.  Use the measurement at the top navigation where the Width and the Height are displayed. 

Once done, you will need to rename the pattern piece with the value you have obtained, for example: “DIM_W41.71_H3.30”. DIM is short for dimension. 

Next you need to save your pattern file as an SVG. Make sure you check the “Use Artboards” option before saving.

Go to File > Save As > Save as type is SVG/Select Use Artboards > Save

For Adobe Illustrator users, these are the extra steps you need to make sure are done. 

Change Image Location to Preserve > Select Preserve Illustrator > OK

Do not

Do not try to get the width and height of a trapeze shape as it won’t be a precise value. It will affect how the BRIKL software displays the correct size of a pattern and all images or text added.

Do not forget to add DIM and use underscore to separate the different values. These are special requirements for the BRIKL software to understand the width and height of your pattern piece.

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