How to add BRIKL 3D Configurator to your Wix website?

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The Wix Embed Custom Code allows you to add your BRIKL custom HTML, CSS and JS tags.

In this guide you will learn:

1- How to add an Embed Content

2 -How to preview your BRIKL studio code

How to add an Embed component?

Let’s get started with a new blank page that we will edit in just a minute.

First thing you’ll have to do is to add content. In the Add menu, find Embed, select Custom Embeds and choose HTML iframe.

In the BRIKL dashboard, under the sales channel option. you first need to add a product to your sales channel to enable the option to setup a studio embed. After adding a product, navigate to the "Setup" tab and select the product you have added previously. BRIKL will generate the custom embed code that you need to add to your site. To learn more: How to generate a custom embed code for BRIKL 3D Configurator.

Select the HTML content. It will prompt a menu. In the menu, it will ask you to  choose "what do you want to add?", select the Code option. Now in the editor, paste the custom BRIKL code you have obtained from the BRIKL Dashboard. Once done, apply the changes.

How to preview your BRIKL studio code?

To visualize the custom code, you will need to first exit the edit mode to see a live preview.

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