1. Before your start
    1. Intro to BRIKL
    2. Customer journey
    3. Dashboard
  2. Initial setup
    1. Setup your account
    2. Setup your store
    3. Setup your microsite
    4. Preparing for launch
  3. Your account
    1. Business information
    2. Brand your account
    3. Add currencies
    4. Add languages
    5. Add social links
    6. Setup tax rates
    7. Setup shipping rates
    8. Setup Payments
    9. Domain
    10. Email (DKIM)
  4. Setup your online store
    1. Introduction
    2. Multi Store
    3. Themes
    4. Domains
    5. Pages
    6. Seo
    7. Header and Footer
  5. Setting up microsites (teamstores)
    1. Introduction
    2. Setting up
    3. Multi Store
    4. Theme
    5. Pages
    6. Header and Footer
    7. Copy a store
    8. Add products
    9. Organize products
    10. Personalization
    11. Add fundraising fee
    12. Customer Panel
    13. Add password
    14. Open and close date
    15. Ship rates
    16. Assign division
    17. Assign activity
    18. Add contact info
    19. Reporting
  6. Setting up 3D Design Studio
    1. Introduction
    2. Terminology
    3. Design Studio
    4. Design Room
    5. Studio Editor
    6. Ecommerce Integrations
    7. Themes
    8. Add design template
    9. Add 3D product
    10. Add 2D product
    11. Create color library
    12. Create material library
    13. Create image library
    14. Create print library
    15. Add design step
    16. Add placeholder
    17. Add personalization
    18. Add background
    19. Add lighting
    20. Share Studio link
    21. Export a 3D image
    22. Export a 3D GIF
    23. 3D Viewer app
    24. Share 3D View link
    25. Create a 3D embed link
    26. Export print file
  7. Content Builder
    1. Introduction
    2. Align icons and text
  8. Products
    1. Introduction
    2. Add product
    3. Add product package
    4. Organize your products
    5. Add a variant
    6. Add an attribute
    7. Add Personalization
    8. Managing inventory
  9. Orders
    1. Leads
    3. Orders
  10. Discounts and upcharges
    1. Discounts (promotions)
    2. Coupon
    3. Upcharges
  11. Payments
    1. Payment gateway
    2. Payment methods
  12. Locations
    1. localization
  13. Shipping
    1. Set shipping rate
    2. Setup ShipStation
  14. Customers
    1. View customer
    2. Edit customer
  15. Taxes
    1. Set tax rate
    2. Setup TaxJar
  16. Reporting
    1. Reports
  17. Integrations
    1. Webhooks
    2. API

Setup your online store

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4.1 Introduction

4.1.1 Setting Up BRIKL

After you've setup BRIKL, most of the work is done.

  • Your online store will automatically use your BRIKL settings for checkout and order fulfillment.
  • Your products will automatically appear on your online store.
  • Your online store is automatically assigned a unique domain website address. This looks like and it's based on the store name that you entered when you signed up.

4.1.1 Building A BRIKL Online Store

You can use the BRIKL Content Builder to create webpages, publish a blog, and sell your products online.

Your online store is flexible, so you can build your business with the following customizations:

  • Build custom menus to help customers navigate your products and content
  • Link a custom domain
  • Design your online store using responsive themes 


4.1.2 Edit The Theme Defaults

Your online store uses a default theme (BRIKL Default) to lay out content. You can choose a different theme or contact BRIKL to develop a custom theme but either way you will need to edit the theme's default sections using the theme editor 


4.1.3 Customize And Launch Your Online Store

There are a few things you can do to customize your online store:

  • Use a custom domain to help customers find your online store
  • Choose a different theme and customize it for your business
  • Upload product images, product details, collection details, webpages, and blog posts
  • Create a webpage for your Home page, About US page and Contact Us
  • Group your products in collections to help customers discover them.
  • Setup menus to help your customers find their way around your online store


4.2 Multi Store

4.2.1 Multi Store

BRIKL allows for multi-store management using only one account. You can setup and run unique storefront for each of your brands from the same BRIKL account.


4.2.2 Assign Products/Collections/Teamstores

Because BRIKL is multi-store ecommerce platform it is important to make sure that each product, product package or collection is assigned to either a specific online shop (storefront). If a product/collection is not assigned, it will not appear in your online shop.

If only one store has been setup, it will be called MyBRIKL by default, and products, packages or collections must be assigned to MyBRIKL.


4.2.3 Assigning Content Pages

Because BRIKL is multi-store ecommerce platform it is important to make sure that each content page is assigned to at least one online shop (storefront).

If only one store has been setup, it will be called MyBRIKL by default, and content pages must be assigned to MyBRIKL.

4.2.4 Assign microsites (team stores)

You must assign a microsite (team store) to an online shop.




4.3 Theme

Your theme is the overall look, feel and style of your website. This includes things like the font types, color scheme, layout, design and style elements. Your website theme is a direct representation of your brand and has a direct impact on your users' experience.


4.3.1 Default Website Theme

BRIKL offers a number default themes that you can choose from. For more information, contact BRIKL Support


4.3.2 Custom Website Theme

If you need a custom theme, contact BRIKL Support for more information. <Need to add link to contact page> BRIKL creates custom themes based on your requirements.


4.3.3 Theme Editor

The theme editor allows you to modify BRIKL default and custom themes from the BRIKL Dashboard.

The theme editor contains following sections:


4.3.4 Design Studio



4.3.5 Font



4.3.6 Color



4.3.7 Button



4.3.8 Product Card



4.3.9 Product Page




4.4 Domains

BRIKL allows for multi-store management using only one account. Each store that you setup, must be associated with a unique domain

Contact BRIKL for more information how to setup domains for a multi store configuration.


4.5 Pages

With BRIKL Content builder, you can create a new page in just minutes by using an intuitive drag and drop editor.



4.6 SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your site's ranking in search engine results. BRIKL has built SEO best practices into every site.


4.6.1 SEO Settings

Add a page title - Page titles are indexed by search engines. We recommend keeping the number of characters under 60 and include a few keywords.

Add a page description - Add a short (50-300 characters) description of your page. This text will appear below your page title in search results.

Dashboard > Content Builder > (Select a page) > Settings buttons

Screenshot 2021-03-12 at 16.03.47


4.6.2 Social Media Settings

Add social media images - Social media images display on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin when you or your customer shares your site. You can add social media for each individual page. This is optional but it is a good way to make sure how social posts that link to your site will look.

Dashboard > Content Builder > (Select a page) > Settings buttons

Screenshot 2021-03-12 at 16.04.58