1. Before your start
    1. Intro to BRIKL
    2. Customer journey
    3. Dashboard
  2. Initial setup
    1. Setup your account
    2. Setup your store
    3. Setup your microsite
    4. Preparing for launch
  3. Your account
    1. Business information
    2. Brand your account
    3. Add currencies
    4. Add languages
    5. Add social links
    6. Setup tax rates
    7. Setup shipping rates
    8. Setup Payments
    9. Domain
    10. Email (DKIM)
  4. Setup your online store
    1. Introduction
    2. Multi Store
    3. Themes
    4. Domains
    5. Pages
    6. Seo
    7. Header and Footer
  5. Setting up microsites (teamstores)
    1. Introduction
    2. Setting up
    3. Multi Store
    4. Theme
    5. Pages
    6. Header and Footer
    7. Copy a store
    8. Add products
    9. Organize products
    10. Personalization
    11. Add fundraising fee
    12. Customer Panel
    13. Add password
    14. Open and close date
    15. Ship rates
    16. Assign division
    17. Assign activity
    18. Add contact info
    19. Reporting
  6. Setting up 3D Design Studio
    1. Introduction
    2. Terminology
    3. Design Studio
    4. Design Room
    5. Studio Editor
    6. Ecommerce Integrations
    7. Themes
    8. Add design template
    9. Add 3D product
    10. Add 2D product
    11. Create color library
    12. Create material library
    13. Create image library
    14. Create print library
    15. Add design step
    16. Add placeholder
    17. Add personalization
    18. Add background
    19. Add lighting
    20. Share Studio link
    21. Export a 3D image
    22. Export a 3D GIF
    23. 3D Viewer app
    24. Share 3D View link
    25. Create a 3D embed link
    26. Export print file
  7. Content Builder
    1. Introduction
    2. Align icons and text
  8. Products
    1. Introduction
    2. Add product
    3. Add product package
    4. Organize your products
    5. Add a variant
    6. Add an attribute
    7. Add Personalization
    8. Managing inventory
  9. Orders
    1. Leads
    3. Orders
  10. Discounts and upcharges
    1. Discounts (promotions)
    2. Coupon
    3. Upcharges
  11. Payments
    1. Payment gateway
    2. Payment methods
  12. Locations
    1. localization
  13. Shipping
    1. Set shipping rate
    2. Setup ShipStation
  14. Customers
    1. View customer
    2. Edit customer
  15. Taxes
    1. Set tax rate
    2. Setup TaxJar
  16. Reporting
    1. Reports
  17. Integrations
    1. Webhooks
    2. API

Before you start

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1.1 Intro to BRIKL

BRIKL is a premier ecommerce software platform for custom products and group sales, including:

  • Ecommerce (Leads, quotes, orders, payments, shipping)
  • Group ecommerce (Microsite / team store)
  • Content builder (Home page, content pages, landing pages, blogs)
  • 3D Customization (3D Design studio, print ready files)
  • 3D Viewer (2D to 3D visualization, and online sharing)





Before you start using BRIKL, it is important to first understand some of the basic concepts that makes BRIKL's platform unique.


1.1.1 Multi-Channel And Multi-Store

BRIKL is a multi-channel and multi-store ecommerce software platform.

Multi channel

BRIKL allows for multi-channel management using only one account. A channel can be an online shop, a microsite (team store) or integration with a 3rd party platform.

  • Online store
  • Microsite (team store)
  • 3rd party integration (eg. Shopify)
Multi store

BRIKL allows for multi-store management using a single account. A store can either be an online shop or a microsite (team store).

  • Multiple online shops
  • Multiple microsites (team stores)


1.1.2 Assigning Products/Collections/Teamstores

Because BRIKL is multi-store ecommerce platform it is important to make sure that each product, product package or collection is assigned to either an online shop (storefront) or to a microsite (team store). If a product/collection is not assigned, it will not appear in your online shop or team store.

Likewise, each microsite (team store) must be assigned to an online shop. If only one online shop is available, it will be assigned by default to the MyBRIKL online shop.


1.1.3 Assigning Content Pages

Because BRIKL is multi-store ecommerce platform it is also important to make sure that each content page is assigned to at least one online shop (storefront).


1.1.4 Content Pages Vs Product Pages

Content pages

BRIKL's content builder allows you to create content pages for your home page, about us page, contact us page or any other page, using an intuitive drag-and-drop editor.


BelgianCyclingFactory- Homepage

Product and collection pages

Product pages and collection pages are generated automatically by BRIKL based on the information you provide in the BRIKL Dashboard (Catalog > Product).

You can preview product pages and collection pages by clicking on the preview button. Preview pages are statically rendered pages to preview what the website page will look like. Preview pages are not live pages.





The layout and styling of the product and collection pages can be customized using the theme editor. 

Cart and Checkout pages

The layout and styling of cart and checkout pages cannot be customized. However, you can choose to add text or graphic components below the cart cart and checkout pages. This can be useful if you want to provide additional information for your customers about e.g. discounts or shipping at checkout.



1.1.5 Print And Production Ready

Print files

You can convert 3D designs that you receive into 2D print ready files.

Production reports

You can generate a team store report with one click that you can send to production.



1.2 Customer Journey

Lead generation

Running a successful ecommerce store requires a steady flow of customers, which makes lead generation for ecommerce businesses a must.

BRIKL's ecommerce platform allows you to successfully generate and manage leads.

  • Customers can create their unique designs in the 3D Design Studio and submit a request.

  • Customers can view a product page and submit a request to you.

  • You can also manually create new leads in the BRIKL Dashboard that you have received outside of BRIKL platform


Once the request has been submitted, you can build and nurture the relationship with the prospect and eventually close the deal.

BRIKL's ecommerce platform allows you to easily create and manage quotes.

  • Add a lead to a quote. You can add leads that have created or received, to a quote.

  • Add additional products to a quote. You can add additional products to the quote that you have created.

  • Payment link. You can create a shopping cart on behalf of your customers and send them a payment link to checkout and pay for the order


After a customer places an order, it appears in the Orders section of your BRIKL Dashboard.


BRIKL makes collaboration easy. You can review and share designs that you have created yourself or that you have received from customers (Lead).










1.3 Dashboard

The BRIKL Dashboard offers a user interface for you to operate and configure your BRIKL account, online store, micro sites (team stores) and 3D Design Studio. You can use it to manage leads, quotes and orders. It helps you connect with your shipping and payment services.


Dashboard Overview