What is the Studio Editor

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The Studio Editor allows you to configure the Design Studio. You can define which customization options you want to make available for your configurator on a product level or on a shop level.

The Studio Editor is also the entry point to add 3D models, design templates and placeholders for your products.

Add a 3D Model

You can upload your own 3D Models or request BRIKL to digitize and upload them for you. To learn more about adding 3D Models.

Upload a Design Template

You can add a Design Template to a 3D Model with a simple drag and drop.

Add Placeholders

You can add placeholders to a 3D Model and its Design Templates with a simple click.

Configurator settings

You can configure the Design Studio by enabling the customization options you would like to make available for your customers.

IMPORTANT: The Studio configuration only applies to the Design Studio, and not to the Design Room.







Open Studio

You can preview the Design Studio in a new tab of your browser.

BRIKL Studio Editor  - Open Studio
BRIKL Studio Editor  - Open Studio

BRIKL  Studio Editor - Open Studio (Full Size)
BRIKL  Studio Editor - Open Studio (Full Size)

Link Studio

You can generate a link of the Design Studio that you can share (via email) with your customers.

By clicking on the link customers are able to open the Design Studio in their browser to customize and order a design.

BRIKL Studio Editor - Share a Studio link
BRIKL Studio Editor - Share a Studio link

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