What is the Design Room

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The Design Room is your customization software for creating, sharing, and exporting designs. The Design Room is accessible only via the BRIKL Dashboard by admin-users with the right permissions.

The Design Room has all of the customization features of the Design Studio and more:

Converting a 2D design into a 3D rendering

You can drag and drop a 2D design template (for e.g. garments) or a dieline (also known as a packaging template) to see the 3D rendering in real time. You can review the 2D UV map and the 3D model side by side. You do not need any coding expertise.

Saving and revisioning

You can keep track of the changes made by saving different versions of your 3D designs.

Generating a preview link

You can generate a link that you can share (via email) with your customers. Customers can open the link in their browser and can interact with the 3D design by rotating and zooming in on it.

Generating an embed link

You can generate an iFrame which you can insert into your web page. Users can interact with the 3D model in the iFrame by rotating and zooming in on it.

2D export

You can convert the 3D model into a 2D print-ready SVG file (vector).
IMPORTANT: The 2D Export may not be available depending on the plan you have selected. Contact BRIKL for more information.

3D export

You can export the 3D model as a 3D image (PNG).

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