What is the 3D Lead Generator solution

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3D Lead Generation allows customers to submit a request form for the design that they have created with the 3D configurator, and for the shop owner (merchant) to review the request, update the design, and submit a payment link back to the customer.

Request forms that are submitted are converted into sales leads for the Shop Owner.

Leads are managed from the BRIKL Dashboard.

BRIKL - 3D lead generation
BRIKL - 3D lead generation

3D Lead Generation Process

  1. Customer completes the design
  2. Customer submits a request to the Shop Owner
  3. Shop Owner receives the lead in the BRIKL Dashboard (i.e. back-end admin system)
  4. Shop Owner reviews and updates the design in the Design Room
  5. Shop Owner communicates with the customer via an online chat in the Design Room
  6. Shop Owner and customer agree on the final design
  7. Shop Owner submits a payment link to Customer (optional)
  8. Customer completes checkout and payment (optional)
  9. Shop Owner receives the order (optional)
  10. Shop Owner produces and delivers the order to the customer (optional)

BRIKL Dashboard - Manage orders
BRIKL Dashboard - Manage leads

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