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Account Setup

Read the articles below to gain a solid foundation on how to use the Brikl platform before you start. The articles below cover all you need to know.


Organize and manage your assets and content using Brikl's intuitive catalog function.

Orders and leads

Forget manual input and spreadsheets. Collect, manage and fulfill your orders all through Brikl's platform. Discover key features below.

Team stores, microsites, and Brikl's MicroStores

Set up your team store, club shop or MicroStore in under 15 minutes. Follow our guides below to make the most of every feature.

Design studio (Merchants)

Unlock the power of 3D configurator for your products and give your customers a customization experience they'll keep coming back for.

Design Studio (Customers)

Customize colors, prints, text, and so much more. Make the most of every feature in Brikl's Design Studio.

Content Builder

Help your customers learn, convert and be inspired by your brand. Create a standout user experience is effortless using the features below.

Discounts & upcharges

Set discounts across your team store, collection, or products. And upcharges to negate fees you may incur from your side.


Get valuable insights on your entire online shop and all your team stores. Make the most of Brikl's reporting features by reading the articles below.


To support your effortless transition to Brikl, discover our API and webhook integrations. Find out what works best with us in the articles below.