What are MicroStores

Brikl's MicroStores are webpages or cluster of webpages that exist separately from your main website. These can be branded to let users know that they're still shopping or interacting with your business.

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What are MicroStores?

What are the benefits of setting up a team store or microsite? 

What else are microsites called? 

What are MicroStores?

Imagine your main site as the trunk of a tree and MicroStores as branches that grow out from it. In this way, they act as sub-sites that allow you to drive brand awareness and conversion in a more targeted way.

Some uses include: 

  • Promoting flash sales e.g., Black Friday
  • Selling merchandise and team wear 
  • Limited-time offers on products or content e.g., webinars and e-books
  • School MicroStores to sell uniforms, books, and branded stationery
  • Company MicroStores to sell branded supplies e.g. tote bags, mugs, and pens

What else are MicroStores called? 

MicroStores are also referred to as team stores, club shops, team shops, group stores, popup stores, brand stores, club shops, corporate stores, employee stores, company stores or temporary stores. 

What are the benefits of setting up MicroStores? 

The advantages of setting up team stores or MicroStores are abundant and include:

Save time, money, and resources

As a result of its hyper-focused content, MicroStores are a great way of putting the money and time back you may have allotted into running a campaign back into your marketing budget.

Set up a Brikl MicroStore in under 15 minutes, create the design and content and point users to its destination. 

Ease of management

Running a team store can be a hassle, but Brikl's automation tools make it simple to set opening times, permissions, password protections, and schedule promotions. We even offer fundraising options so that your customers can donate as they shop.

A MicroStore can be as simple as a listing page of products or can include multiple content pages with text, video and graphics.