UV Map

If you are creating your own 3D model, please read the section below on how to convert a UV map into an SVG file format.

First you need to download the UV map from your 3D modelling software. The unwrapping process for getting the UV map is different for each software. Please check your software on how to get a UV map. Once you have your UV map, you need to take the rasterized image and open it into your vectorial design software. At BRIKL, we use Adobe Illustrator. You can also use CorelDraw or any other design software that supports vector graphics.

Next, you need to trace the UV map using the pen tool to create a vectorial shape that matches perfectly with your UV map image.

Finally, save your vectorized UV map as an SVG together with its artboard. The artboard size helps us draw the correct size of the canvas in your BRIKL Design Studio.