Upcharge FAQ

Learn how you can accomplish more with the upcharge feature or troubleshoot when needed.

Use Case 1 - How to set an upcharge on a product level

Use case: A MicroStore has different upcharge fees for different products. For example:

  • Product 1 has a $10 upcharge for fundraising

  • Product 2 has a $5 upcharge for fundraising

  • Product 3 has a $2 upcharge for fundraising


  • Setup three different upcharge feesScreen_Shot_2565-06-21_at_11.18.18
  • Each fundraising fee has a fixed amountScreen_Shot_2565-06-21_at_11.19.26
  • Select the product that the fundraising needs to apply toScreen_Shot_2565-06-21_at_11.20.02

💡 When setting up different fundraising fees on a product level, it's important to navigate to the Upcharge > Fundraising directly, and not to setup the fundraising on a Microstore level.