Requesting custom digitizations

Brikl offers an exclusive digitization service to companies that would like to digitize their own products into own high-quality 3D models for private use.

Here are some things to bear in mind when asking us for a custom digitization for your brand. Your request must include: 

  • For apparel products:
    • A production pattern (AI and/or DXF file). Without a production pattern, a digitization of a garment is not possible. Learn more
    • Detailed product pictures (front/back/side/inside) that provide more detail than standard website pictures.
    • A list of trims and embellishments (e.g., tags, reflective strips, zippers). And, if applicable, artwork in an Illustrator file with clear guidance on the placement of the trims or embellishments on the garment.
    • Scan of fabric swatches. Some things to note with this: please set image resolution to minimum 600 dpi, if scanning, use a flatbed scanner (not phone cameras), and avoid wrinkles and shadowing. 
    • A fabric book detailing how to map fabric to each product.

              Feel free to also include OBJ and MTL files, or any other 3D modelling format. These 3D models will be used for reference only and won't be digitized.

              • For non-apparel products
                • OBJ and MTL files, or any other 3D modelling format. Without a 3D model file, digitization of a product is not possible.
                • Detailed product pictures (front/back/side/inside).
                • Optional: UV map. 

              Once a 3D model has been uploaded by Brikl, you can add your own design templates.