Reporting is mission-critical to your business. Brikl's platform acts as a single source of truth when looking at your store's performance.

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Standard reports

Custom reports

Why is reporting important? 

The analytics associated with your business gives you visibility on the metrics that affect it. This allows you to direct your marketing, sales, and design efforts with a singular sense of purpose. 

Standard reports

Go to Dashboard > Reports.

There are two types of reports you can download from the dashboard.

  • Coupons Report (for the coupons you have generated for your customer)
  • Microstores Report (for the orders you have received from your MicroStore)

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Coupons report

A coupons report is used for the following purposes:

  • To see the full list of the generated codes that you can share with customers.
  • To check coupon usage.

Navigate to the side tab menu under Reporting > Coupons Report.

Select a coupon you have set up previously.


Once the coupon has been selected, you can either enter a specific date or leave it blank.


The report can be exported as an .xlsx or .csv file format.  If the coupon code has already been used, the Current Usage Overall will show as 1.


MicroStores Report

Navigate to the side tab menu under Reporting > Microstores Report.

Select whether you'd like to generate a report for all orders or for a specific MicroStore (Sales Channel).

Screenshot 2022-11-16 at 16.39.51

Next, select a date range (from/until) or a specific date (from), the time zone and the payment status (Paid / Pending / Canceled / Failed). The default payment status is "Paid".

Screenshot 2022-11-16 at 16.43.49

Finally, select the export file format: PDF or XLSX.

Screenshot 2022-11-16 at 16.45.22

The MicroStore report will include the following:

  • Orders - Order details, including customers shipping details and taxes.
  • Order Items - Product breakdown by product package (if any), product options (variants), personalization (if any), customer billing address, and shipping address.
  • Coupons - The coupon codes that were used for the orders (if any).
  • Product - Overview summary of the products that were purchased.
  • Upcharges - All fundraising and fees that were applied to the orders.
  • Total - Total order amount breakdown
  • Export Log - A log to track the export history

1) Example of a report (products)


2) Example of a report (product package)

The product package details can be found under the "Order items” tab. The selected personalization options are listed along with other order details such as variant options, customer information, etc.



Custom reports

💡 Coming Soon

Get your data your way with Brikl’s custom reporting tool. Our one-click templates allow you to add logos and colors and pull in information using simple formulas. Consolidate POs, create branded invoices, and take control of your data.

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