Multiple Local Currencies

You can choose to set specific prices based on the country while selling in multiple currencies. If you enable multiple local currencies, you must enter the prices for each currency manually in the pricing tab. Local currencies are not calculated using a conversion rate percentage. For example, you can price the same product at $10.00 USD when transacting in US dollars and EUR 9.00 when transacting in Euros.

If you like to add multiple local currencies to your BRIKL account, please contact BRIKL for more information. Multiple local currencies is limited to Enterprise plans only.



Payment Method

When you create additional local currencies, you'll also need to set up which payment methods you want to use for each currency. For more information, contact BRIKL support Currency display

You can display your currency by selecting whether to display the currency symbol to the left ($5.00) or to the right (5.00$) of the price.

Go to Dashboard > Theme > Product card. Make sure to deploy the site to make the changes effective



Automatic tax calculation is compatible with multiple currencies. However, the application of automatic tax depends on the countries supported by the tax provider.

BRIKL works together with TaxJar to provide automatic tax calculate for the US and Canada. Contact BRIKL for more information how to setup TaxJar.