How to set up personalization for MicroStores

Personalization is a great way of allowing your customers to enjoy personal touches for an additional surcharge, if required.

Set up personalization for your products within your MicroStore to allow customers to add their name, logos or numbers. The great thing about team store personalization is that:

  • You only have to define it once and not for every product.

  • It will only apply to your selected MicroStore. 

Navigate to:

  1. Dashboard > Sales Channels > MicroStores > Personalization

  2. Create a new group and give it a name. Add an upcharge that customers will be able to see at checkout, if required.Screenshot 2022-07-30 at 13.34.58

❗Product personalization on product level will overwrite personalization on MicroStore level. 

Personalization at product level

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