Microsite (Team Store) Personalization

Go to Dashboard > Sales Channels > Team Stores > Personalization

With BRIKL you can set up personalization for your products, which allows customers to add their name, logos or numbers. Personalization can also be used for roster management. For example when a team has to provide the names and numbers of the team members.

You can set up personalization on a product level and on a microsite (team store) level.

To enable product personalization on a microsite (team store) level:

  1. Go to dashboard > Sales Channels > Team Stores > Personalization

  2. Create a new group, and name your personalization. Add an upcharge to the personalization.

IMPORTANT: Microsite (team store) personalization will apply only to those products that have been enabled for team store personalization.

Go to Dashboard > Product > (Select a product) > Sales Channel > Enable Team Store Personalization

The advantage of team store personalization is that:

  1. You only have to define it once (and not for every product)

  2. It will only apply to the microsite (team store) that it was selected for