How to setup product personalization for custom products

With Brikl, you can set up personalization for your products, which allows customers to add their name, logos or numbers.

To enable personalization on a product level:

  • Go to Dashboard > Catalog > Product > Personalization


  • Create a new group, and name your personalization.
  • Select the default option, and name the personalization option
  • Select the type of input you'd like:
    • Text or number - a word or numerical value. 
    • Multi selection - multiple presets that can be selected via checkboxes.
    • Single selection - a single, pre-defined value. 
  • Enter personalization fields. 
  • Your options will be autosaved when you leave the personalization tab. 

Examples of personalization settings:

  • Single: front length (+2cm)
  • Multiple: chest pocket, side pocket
  • Input: name or number



    After ensuring personalization has been enabled at product level, follow the steps below: 

    • Go to your Dashboard > Design > Studio Editor > Select the product.
    • Click on Studio Settings.
    • Click on Design Steps.
    • Add Personalization on a product level.


    • Then refresh the page. You can check the changes by clicking on the Personalization button.



    How to setup personalization on a team store level?

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