How to manually set your tax rates

Set your taxes manually for the US, Canada, Europe, UK, Australia or New Zealand.

To define your default tax rate and tax rates for specific regions, states or countries, go to Settings > Taxes.

☝️If you're unfamiliar with the different tax rules in the US, Canada, Europe, UK, Australia or New Zealand and how Brikl addresses each of them, refer to How does Brikl account for different tax rules and rates.

US and Canada

You can set your tax rate by state.

Go to Settings > Tax, select a country (US or Canada) and add your states.

Your default tax rate should be set to 0%. If a customer orders from a state that is not on the list, they will be charged the default 0% tax rate.

If you're looking to automate your sales tax calculations with TaxJar or Avarala, visit How to set up automatic sales tax calculations to learn more.

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Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand and others

If you ship domestically only, we recommend setting the default tax rate equal to the domestic tax rate.

If you ship to domestic and international locations, we suggest setting a default tax rate of 0%. Then, create a list of countries you ship to and assign a specific tax rate for each country. If a customer orders from a country that is not on the list, they will be charged the default 0% tax rate.

To add and set specific tax rates for countries, select a country in "Tax Rates for Specific Country and States" and click the "Add" button. Then, edit the tax percentage field.

☝️When you set a tax rate for a specific country, it will take precedence over any tax rates you have set for the region that country is a part of. For example, if you want to apply a 21% tax rate to the European Union (EU) but some countries within Europe, such as the United Kingdom (UK), are tax-exempt, you can set up the tax rates as follows:

  • EU: 21%
  • UK: 0%

Sometimes you might need to set different tax rates for a collection of products. In Ireland, for example, kids' products are tax-exempt, so by creating a collection of kids' products in your dashboard, you can set a 0% tax rate for them.

To set a different tax rate for a collection, go to Catalog > Collections and select a collection. Then, click the "Tax" tab, select the "Setting specific configuration for this collection" option, and set a default tax rate or a tax rate for specific countries and states.

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☝️To create a collection, go to Catalog > Collections, and click the "Create Collection" button. Learn more on How to create a collection.