How to download order invoices

Easily download order invoices and keep track of your accounting and reporting.

⚠️ To download invoices, you should have a document template in place. Contact Brikl Support to set up your template if you don't have one yet.

To download the invoice of a single order, navigate to the order details and click the "Export Order Invoice" button. Then, choose your document template, and click "Export." You'll download the invoice as a PDF file.


To download multiple invoices in one go, select a MicroStore and click "Search." Then, click the "Select All" checkbox and the "Export Order Invoice" button. Finally, choose your document template, and click "Export." You'll download a ZIP file with individual invoices in PDF.

Bulk download was previously available for invoices. This functionality has a new layout now.


☝️ Use the many filter options available to quickly find the orders you want. You can filter orders by MicroStore, payment and shipping status, country, etc.