How to create a customer account

Create separate accounts for each customer to track and discover the most profitable customers you work with.

By creating separate accounts for each customer and assigning a sales representative to each account, you'll know the customers selling the most and the sales representatives with the best sales performance within your company.

What is a sales representative?

A sales representative (or sales rep) is a user with limited access to your Brikl dashboard. In short, these are the allowed operations a sales rep can perform:

  • Add and edit accounts for customers
  • Add and edit contacts and assign them to accounts
  • Assign contacts to MicroStores and create MicroStores under contacts

In the Brikl platform, a sales rep is responsible for creating an account for each customer and assigning contacts to it. 

A sales rep will also set up and manage MicroStores for these customers—they'll set up products, promotions, discounts, and everything needed for the store to go live successfully.

In short, the sales rep is the person within your organization that will help your customers to run a store.

Follow our step-by-step guide to learn how to create Sales Representative users within your Brikl dashboard.

☝️ You can create two types of users in your Brikl dashboard: Admin and Sales Representatives. While sales rep users have limited access to your Brikl dashboard, Admin users have full access to it. Learn more about User Management.

How to create an account

Each account represents a customer or partner with one or more MicroStores under your Brikl account.

To create an account, go to Accounts > (click "Create Account"). Then type the new account name in the modal window and click "Create."


☝️ By default, newly created accounts are inactive. To activate an account, visit the Accounts page, and click the account you wish to activate. On the Account Details page, toggle the switch button on the top-right corner of the page.


Add the account details

On the Account Details page, you can add general information about the account and assign contacts to it.

To add general information about the account, click the "Edit" button on the top-right corner.


Enter the account name:

  • The account name is the only required information for an account. It is the primary way to recognize the customer or partner to whom the account is related. 

Enter the account type:

  • Account type is a field to set the type of account you're creating. For example, it might be a "School" or "Football Team." This is an optional field.

Enter the reference ID:

  • The Reference ID is used within your organization to identify an account. It does not have to be unique, is an optional field, and is not visible to your customer.

Enter the description:

  • A multiline description for the account. This is an optional field.

Enter the Sales Representative:

  • Choose the Sales Representative for the account. Only one Sales Representative manages each account. This is an optional field. 

⚠️ Each Sales Representative can manage multiple accounts, but only one Sales Representative manages each account.

Assign contacts to the account

Each account can have multiple contacts assigned to it. A contact is a person who works with the sales representative of an account.

You can select contacts to assign to an account by choosing from the dropdown list. If the contacts list is empty, you must create a new contact first.