How to configure the pattern overlay step

Customers can create designs in Illustrator based on a production pattern, export as a PNG from Illustrator, and upload to Brikl.

The pattern overlay design step can be offered to professional designers/customers, who like to create their designs in Illustrator. Designs must be created based on a production pattern.

Merchants must provide the customers with the production pattern that they can use as their design template to create a design.

Designers/customers can upload their 2D Illustrator designs with a simple drag-and-drop, and see 3D renderings in real time.


As a last step, the designer/customer can either request ("submit inquiry") or order their from the merchant.

IMPORTANT: When adding the pattern overlay design step, make sure to do in combination with the 2D view.


When the pattern overlay design step is added, all other design steps (with the exception of the Personalization design step), must be removed from the Design Studio.

Since the designer/customer is creating the full design in Illustrator, there is no need to offer the color/print/image/text/placeholder design steps.