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How does the Team Store Preview, Publish, and Share Link work?

There are three buttons on the top right within each team store, and it's essential to get yourself familiar with each of their functionality.


Located in: Sales Channel → Team Stores → (Top Right)

Duplicate Store

Ever need to create a new team store without entering in the same information over and over again?

Duplicating Team store Store gives you the ability to copy every item within that store under 5 minutes!

Make sure to select which product you would like to copy and click "Start Duplicating".

Share Link

The Share Link gives you the ability to share your live site once you've keyed in the necessary information in your Team Store. The Share Link also gives you the option to copy from different languages.

FYI: Anytime you made any changes within your team store, you must follow these steps to deploy them.

  1. Click on the Publish Dropdown inside your team store.
  2. Select Open.
  3. Click confirm.
  4. Once you've opened up your team store, click on the Deployment Menu.
  5. Lastly, Deploy your changes by clicking on "Deploy Now."

Publish / Preview /Open & Close

By clicking the Publish dropdown, you'll be able to:

  1. Open: The following changes you've made will be publicly available. Next, navigate to the deployment tab, and click deploy to take your site live.
  2. Closed: The following changes will remain hidden until you open your Storefront or Team store.
  3. Preview: Please note this site is just a preview and does not serve as a live site.