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How does the team store duplicate, share, and publish link work?

There are three buttons on the top right within each team store: duplicate, share and publish.

Navigate to the sales channel, then head to 'Team Stores' located on the top right.



If you ever need to create a new team store, you can do so without manually entering in the same information. Duplicating a team store gives you the ability to copy every item within that store in minutes. Read more about this feature here


The share link gives you the ability to share your live site once you've set up your team store with the option to share in different languages.

Screenshot 2021-06-28 at 21.21.14


Follow these steps to deploy changes once you make them within your team store.

  1. Make any desired changes. 
  2. Click on the 'Publish' dropdown inside your team store.
  3. Optional: select preview to see what the changes look like on your live site before they're deployed. 
  4. Click confirm.
  5. In the side navigation, click on 'Deployment'.
  6. Lastly, make your changes live by clicking on 'Deploy Now'.

Changes can take up to 10 minutes to update, so please be patient and keep refreshing your site to see your amends. 

Selecting the 'Publish' dropdown also allows you to schedule your changes:

  1. Open: The changes you've made will be visible to the public immediately once deployed.
  2. Closed: Changes will remain hidden until your team store is open.