BRIKL - Digitization Requirements for Apparel Products

BRIKL offers an exclusive digitization service for your production patterns.

Please follow below guideline when submitting a digitization request to BRIKL.

2D Production Pattern

Production pattern must be provided as an Adobe Illustrator (AI) file. A DXF file is optional. 

  • The file name must include the style number.
  • The pattern must include a seam line and cutting line, grain line and notches.

You must provide following product information in English:

  • Name of the product
  • Name of the pattern
  • Annotation
  • Sizes of the pattern grading lines
  • Materials/textures used
  • Left and right sides of sleeves, band and cuffs.
Digitization request 1

Pattern grading lines are required for all sizes. Each grading line must include:

    • Basic Seam
      • This is also known as the sewing line, stitching line or seam line
    • Cutting line
      • The cutting line is the very edge of the pattern piece, where the fabric is cut
    • Seam allowance
      • Seam allowance (sometimes called inlays) is the area between the fabric edge and the stitching line on two (or more) pieces of material being sewn together.
    • Bleeding line
      • Bleeding line is the protection line that gives some allowance not to cut in to the artwork/print. It is the outermost line and is beyond the sewing line and the seam allowance. This is optional.


Digitization request 2

  • The grading lines must be separated into different layers in Illustrator.
  • For example:
    S in one layer
    M in one layer
Digitization request 5

Also, make sure to:

  • Indicate the pattern center front and pattern center back.
  • Identify where the center of the collar should be.
Digitization request 7

If you want to exclude pattern pieces for the 3D rendering, please clearly identify as such.

Digitization request 8


Provide detailed product images of the:

  • Front
  • Back
  • Right side
  • Left side
  • Inside the garment

Pictures must clearly show for example the placket, linings, facing, and hems. 


In case textures/fabrics are required, please provide following:

  • A clear scan of the texture. We recommend minimum 600 dpi (preferably 1200 dpi) with a flatbed scanner. Avoid wrinkles and shadowing. No mobile pictures.
  • A zoom in of the product image for the texture scale as it should appear on the garment

    Digitization request texture


Accessories can include for example.

  • Bindings 
  • Linings
  • Bow ties
  • Zippers
  • Grippers

Please provide a clear list of what's required for your garment.

  • If the accessories have a specific construction or texture, please make sure to include the information.
  • If he accessories include a brand name (eg on a gripper or zipper pulley), please make sure to provide the information in a vector file.‍
Digitization request 9

If required, please provide the accessory measurements. For example, 3/4 zippers:

Digitization request 6

Hidden Zipper

If a model has a hidden zipper:

  • Provide measurements of the zipper
  • Clearly indicate which products have a hidden zipper