Custom Products By BRIKL

BRIKL offers an exclusive digitization service to companies that would like to digitize their own products into own high quality 3D models for private use.

A digitization request must include:

  • For Apparel products:
    • Production pattern (AI and/or DXF file). Note: without a production pattern, digitization of a garment is not possible. Learn more
    • Detailed product pictures (front/back/side/inside). Note: website picture are not sufficient.
    • List of accessories (eg tags, reflective strips, zippers), and -if applicable - accessory artwork in an Illustrator file, and clear guidance on the placement of the accessories on the garment.
    • Scan of fabric swatches (1200 dpi; flatbed scanner; avoid wrinkles and shadowing; no iphone pictures)
    • Fabric book (how to map fabric to each product)
    • Optional: OBJ and MTL files (or any other 3D modelling format). Note that these 3D models will be used for reference only. They will not be digitized.
  • For non-apparel products
    • OBJ and MTL files (or any other 3D modelling format). Note: without a 3D model file, digitization of a product is not possible.
    • Detailed product pictures (front/back/side/inside).
    • Optional: UV map

Once a 3D model has been uploaded by BRIKL, you can add your own design templates.