Content pages vs product pages

Brikl's content builder allows you to create content pages for your MicroStore homepage or any other page on your site using an intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

Create a homepage for your storefront

A homepage for a storefront acts as a landing page through which users can access multiple MicroStores. Read more about that here


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Add content to your MicroStore homepage

Fill your MicroStore homepage with engaging images, products and brand your store; Brikl's Content Builder has been designed for effortless use.

See examples here and read more here on how to add content to your MicroStore homepage.

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Edit your product and product package pages

Product pages and product package pages are generated automatically by Brikl based on the information you provide in your dashboard (Catalog > Product, Catalog > Product Package).

You can preview product pages and product package pages by clicking on the preview button in the Content Builder. Preview pages are statically rendered pages to preview what the website page will look like: they are not live pages.

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The layout and styling of the product and product package pages can be customized using the theme editor

At the bottom of product pages are product recommendations that appear under the heading, "You may also like". Recommended products are randomly generated based on other products that are available in the same Sales Channel (Storefront or MicroStore). 

Read more here on how to set up the number of recommended products that you want to be displayed.

Cart and checkout pages

The layout and styling of cart and checkout pages cannot be customized. However, you can choose to add text or graphic components below the cart cart and checkout pages.

This can be useful if you want to provide additional information for your customers about discounts or shipping at checkout, for example. Read more about that here.

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