Configuring the Design Studio

The design studio is a powerful tool for engaging your customers by allowing them to customize your products, share them with their network and request quotes.


Navigate to Studio Settings > Design Templates.

Design templates can be created in Illustrator and imported into Brikl using a simple drag and drop. 

Learn more about design templates and how to add them here.


Navigate to Studio Settings > Placeholders

Placeholders are defined areas or markings where you can enter names, numbers, logos or prints. Adding and defining placeholders is simple and intuitive.

Learn more about placeholders and how to add them here.

Design steps

Navigate to Studio settings > Design Steps

Design steps (or customization steps) allow you  to customize designs in different ways by changing colors and prints, or adding graphics and text. 

Learn more about design steps and how to edit them here.


Navigate to Studio Settings > Elements

Elements correspond to the individual parts of your 3D model. You can enable/disable elements and assign color palettes to them.

The individual parts of the 3D model may not correspond to the individual parts of your UV map. 

The Elements tab is used to assign color palettes to elements that are part of the 3D model, but that are not part of the UV map. An example is a garment zipper. Zippers are not part of the heat map (since they are not part of the production pattern or print file), but they are part of the 3D model.


Navigate to Studio Settings > Assets

You can change the background of your Design Studio by uploading a jpg image. Backgrounds are responsive (with the anchor on the right hand side of your Design Studio). Therefore, if you add for instance a logo to your background, its positioning will be fixed on the right hand size as you resize the screen.

Learn more about backgrounds and how to add them here.