How to add an activity or division

To make admin and reporting easier when working across multiple or large teams, add an activity or division to your MicroStore.

When is adding an activity or division important?

Larger teams may require their members to select either an activity or a division for easy reporting and logistics later on. For example, a sports club may have clubs in different cities.

When their members place an order it is important that they select the correct division so that the products can be easily distributed and delivered when the order cycle closes.

What's the difference between an activity and a division? 


An activity is any sport that your club offers, for example, soccer, rugby or softball. Or events such as summer merch, winter pop-up etc. Creating activities allows these categories to be included in your team store report. 


A sports club may have clubs in different cities, regions or areas. Or you could create divisions for age groups, for example. Creating divisions allows them to be included in your team store report. 

How can I use this feature?

Go to dashboard > Sales Channels > MicroStores > Structure. 

Screenshot 2022-08-01 at 17.58.07

Toggling 'customer selection is not required' will turn this feature off. When active, anyone adding a new product to that team store is required to select an activity or division. That product's designated activity or division will then show up in the team store reports.