Bulk paste orders from spreadsheets

By allowing customers the ability to copy and paste orders in bulk, we're saving them up to 80 hours a month.

What is Brikl's bulk paste feature? 

Brikl’s customers, coaches and team representatives often spend extensive amounts of time going back and forth on email to gather together orders on Excel - up to 4 hours a day in some cases. 

Benefits of being able to bulk paste orders

Brikl’s bulk order feature allows you to copy or paste up to 200 products at once from team store representatives into one, easy-to-use order form. The order form is a simple spreadsheet inside the design studio.

How customers can bulk paste orders

  1. Go to the design studio.
  2. Click on order details on the sidebar. 
  3. Under 'Select your method', select 'Bulk Paste Order' then click 'Paste Order'. 

4. You'll be taken to Brikl's spreadsheet interface where you can bulk paste up to 200 orders at once. 

Excel Bulk UI

5. Once you're ready, hit 'Checkout'. You'll be met with an warning message. If you're happy to proceed, click 'Proceed to checkout'.

6. Enter all details as normal and complete the order process. 

Screenshot 2021-07-29 at 16.11.16