Base price versus selling price

Create a clear distinction between your wholesale price and your selling price so your customers are aware of the difference.

The terms team store, group stores and microsites may be used interchangeably throughout this article but all refer to the same thing. Read more about this here.

Base price vs selling price

B2B retailers may need to differentiate between the base price (e.g., wholesale price) inside product pages and selling prices (a.k.a, Manufacturing Recommended Selling Price (MRSP) or MAP (Minimum Advertised Price)) inside the sales channel. Brikl's sales channel price feature allows you to set a sales price at the product or team store level and override the base price. 

The selling price will overwrite the base price.

Option 1 - Show base price

a) Dashboard setting

Screenshot 2022-08-02 at 14.53.15

b) MicroStore view


Option 2 - Show selling price

a) Dashboard setting

Screenshot 2022-08-02 at 14.54.15

b) MicroStore view


The base price you set for your master product will apply to all the MicroStores this master product has been assigned to, unless a different selling price has been set.

When you setup a selling price in the dashboard, it will be reflected in the MicroStore pages and in the report you download. The report will not provide details on the base price.

The base & selling price feature can also be used in a different way. The base price can be the price you’re charging the team, while the selling price can be the base pricing plus the fundraising fee to allow you to set fundraising fees on a product level. 

IMPORTANT: We do not recommend this option since the fundraising will not be captured separately in your reports and in the admin portal.