Add a contact email

Now you can funnel and define which contact email you want to use for different purposes.

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Verify your email domain
Add your contact email on a shop level
Add your contact email on a team store level

Verify your email domain

Before adding contact emails, make sure to add and verify your email domain. Go to Settings > Contact Email > (Scroll down to "Domains")

First, enter your email domain, to generate the DNS records. 

The domain name to be entered must be the primary domain. Eg "", NOT eg or

There can be more than one domain to add and verify in this email configuration. If you want for example different events to be sent to different email addresses, you can use the email address for which the domain has been added and verified.

Next, visit your email hosting provider's account, and update the DNS records. Read more on how to update the DNS records of your email domain with your email hosting provider for the "Sender" addresses here.

Once the DNS records have been updated in your DNS server, click verify in the Dashboard. If the verification process has been completed, the status will change to "VERIFIED".

Add your contact email on a shop level

You can add contact emails for contact requests, quote requests, leads generated and orders placed.

Contact emails must first be defined at a shop level. All storefronts and team stores will inherit the shop settings, if not overwritten. See also below.

Email contact details must be provided both for the Sender and the Receiver.

  • Sender: This is what address the email originates from. For example: will be the email displayed when a message is sent from merchant to customer. You can only have one sender email in place. 
  • Recipient: This is the address the merchant will receive the email order notification. You can have multiple merchant recipient emails in place under 'Merchant receiver emails'.


Contact request

When a customer fills out a contact form that you have built through Brikl's content builder, you will receive an email to your designated email address.

Quote request

When a lead generation form in the product page is filled out, you will receive an email to the emails specified in the quotation requested fields.

Lead created

When a lead generation form in the design studio is filled out, you will receive an email to the emails specified in the lead created fields.

If you wish to notify your customers that their form submission has been received, we advise creating a thank you page, such as this one:

Screenshot 2021-10-08 at 14.06.11

Order created

Once a customer has completed checkout, you and your customer will receive an email notification.

Upload the business logo you would like to go out in email confirmations. An important point to note is that we only send out an email confirmation in the event of an order. 

Add your contact email on a team store level

Just like payment configuration, setting your contact email works at a shop level but can be overridden at a store front level or a team store level.