3D Viewer app

With BRIKL you can create 3D design templates in Illustrator that you can upload to BRIKL with a simple drag and drop. Design templates are customizable. You can find a detailed guideline here

Sometimes you may want to create a 3D rendering that CANNOT BE CUSTOMIZED, and that you simply want to share with prospects, customers or for marketing on the web. For this purpose, BRIKL has created an easy-to-use 3D VIEW tool that allows you to upload a simple PNG image and convert this real-time into a 3D rendering. 

3D renderings can be exported as GIF file or PGN image. You can also copy an online preview link and share with others.

Step 1

  • Navigate to the BRIKL dashboard
  • Open the Design tab and go to Custom Product
  • Choose and open the product in the Studio Editor


Step 2

Open the Studio settings menu

Design Pattern 2 (2)

Step 3

Open the Asset tab

Design Pattern 3 (1)

Step 4

Download the base template

Design Pattern 4 (1)

Step 5

Open the base template in your design software (e.g. Illustrator). You can now create your design based on the base template. 

Make sure to respect the size and aspect ratio of the base template.

  • Each product has its own unique pattern layout. Do not change the position of the pattern pieces. Changing the position will make it no longer compatible with the BRIKL UV map that is available in the system.‍
  • Each product has its own unique artboard size. Do not change the artboard size. Changing the artboard size will make it no longer compatible with the BRIKL UV map that is available in the system. You can check the artboard size in Illustrator by going to Document Setup.

Step 6 

In the BRIKL Dashboard, open the Design tab and go to Custom Product. Choose and open the product in the Design Room


Design Pattern 5 (1)


Step 7

Select the image pattern tab. Drag and drop the design pattern file. 

Design Pattern 6 (1)


Step 8

Toggle to a 2D perspective. Next, place the image pattern on the 2D view and toggle to a 3D perspective to see your 2D image render into 3D real time


Design Pattern 7 (1)

Design Pattern 8 (1)


Step 9

You can share the 3D render with your customers using a 3D preview link. Email the link to your customers so they can open the 3D in their browser of choice, and interact with it. They will not able to customize the product.


Design Pattern 9


You can download a GIF file to see a live 360 spin.


Design Pattern 11 (2)
Design Pattern 12


You can download a 3D image


Design Pattern 14


The 3D viewer app is not a standalone app, but  an integral part of the Design Room.

It is a combination of features that allows you to convert a 2D design into a 3D rendering with a simple drag and drop, and share a preview link with your customers.

2D To 3D

You can export a simple 2D image in png or jpg format from your design software of choice like Illustrator, and convert it into a 3D rendering.

You don't need to worry about building the layering correctly like you would do for a design template (for use in the Design Studio, i.e. 3D configurator).

The 2D to 3D is a great tool to quickly create beautiful 3D renderings that you can use for marketing purposes. It also allows you to create photo-realistic images that you can put up on your webshop, and save you time and money.