Ecommerce for custom products

BRIKL provides an out-of-the box solution for companies to start selling custom-made products online immediately to consumers, teams and groups.

For apparel, sports equipment, household goods and other customizable products.

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3D configurator
Next generation 3D Configurator to allow shoppers to design a product from an online template, using different colors, fabrics, prints, images, logos and text to make their own unique product.

For apparel, sports equipment, household goods and other customizable products.
Base designs
Upload your base designs with a simple drag-and-drop for your customers to choose from.
Colors and prints
Create color (RGB/CMYK) and print libraries for your customers to choose from.

Allow your customers to upload their own print/ artwork in a variety of formats: jpg, png, ai, svg and more.
Customers can drag-and-drop images as jpg, png, pdf, ai and svg. They can remove the background and resize/rotate.

Our DPI calculator will tell them if the resolution is right.
Customers can add text and change the font family, font color, font size, rotation, position, letter spacing and outline color easily. They can  move the text around without overlapping the seams of a garment.
Placement holders
Customers can enter their name, numbers, logos or prints (eg flags) into defined areas and have them resized accordingly.
Design library
Select from a free library of 3D designs to offer to your customers.  

If you don't find what you're looking for in our design library, contact BRIKL to digitize the products in 2D/3D for you!
Auto design and upsell
The design of a single product can be copied to other products. What took your designers a day to do will take a fraction of the time for your customers to do themselves (coming soon).
Configure your 3D configurator
You can define what customization options you want to make available for the customization of your products.
Product personalization allows shoppers to add a name, number or embellishment to a finished product or a finished design, or to select additional product features such as material/fabric type, sleeve/leg length or lining. With BRIKL, you can define personalization on a shop, group store and product level.
Customers can upload images as jpeg, png, pdf, ai and svg.

With our DPI calculator, your customer will always upload the right file.
No more chasing team mates! Easily set their name and sizes then submit your order.
Ecommerce platform
BrikL is a ​full turnkey ​ecommerce solution for stock and custom products: discounts, coupons, multi-language and multi-currency.

BrikL ecommerce can be tied into your account software, ERP, CRM and shipping solution.
Multilanguage and multi currency
Attributes and variants
Coupons and discounts
Shipping and tax
Collections and packages
Payment gateway
Build your own shop
Build your own website for ecommerce.

Add banners, text, images and video.

Add product cards, collection cards or group store cards.
Coupons & discounts
Decide the type of discount (%, amount, free shipping, give-away) you want  and apply it to products, categories or team/group stores.
An upcharge is the additional to the basic price that you have set for your product.

For instance, if your basic price is based on 10 pieces, you can apply an upcharge if your customer buys less.
Cart & checkout
Add customized, personalized and finished products from one or multiple stores in the same cart.

Checkout your cart using the payment method of your choice.

Order details
Order information is easily accessible from the back-end and will give you the information you need to ship the goods.
BrikL's Design Studio is also your ​private​ design app for converting 2D to 3D and 3D to 2D that you can share with customers as well as with production.
Review the 3D designs your customers submitted.

Export in the format you prefer and that your printer supports. Your pattern is ready for production.

BRIKL reduces the design time by 70% and production time by 20%.
From 2D to 3D
Export a png or svg of a 2D design from Illustrator/CorelDraw, drop it into the system and see the design in full 3D view instantly.

Send a link to your customers so they can see the design in 3D in their browser and zoom/rotate.

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