BRIKL Ecommerce

BrikL is a ​full turnkey ​ecommerce solution for stock and custom products.

BrikL ecommerce can be tied into your account software, ERP, CRM and shipping solution.
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Ecommerce dashboard
Website builder with themes

Build your website


Build your own website for ecommerce. Add text, images and video. Add products, collections and team stores.


Select a template to determine the feel and look of your online store.

Multi language

Set a default language for your shop. Add as many languages as you like.
Variants and attributes for ecommerce

Products & collections

Products & Collections

Add unlimited products and group them into collections.

Variants & Attributes

Create variants and attributes, and assign them to a product.

Stock & Custom

Sell custom & stock products with BRIKL Ecommerce
Ecommerce checkout and payment

Checkout & payment

Cart & checkout

Add products from multiple stores to your cart. Checkout your cart using the payment method of your choice.

Multi currency

Set a base currency for your shop. Add as many currencies as you like. Define the  exchange rate.

Order details

Easily access order details from the Dashboard. 

Shipping and tax

Set the shipping and tax rates that apply to your business

Ecommerce discounts

Discounts & Upcharges

Coupons & discounts

Shoppers can design a product from an online template to make their own unique product.


Apply an up-charge to the basic price that you have set for your products.
Ecommerce analytics

Analytics & reporting

Real-time dashboard

See your data in real-time with key numbers and charts.


View order history, customer details and store’s transactions. 
Product configurator - Sports

Seamless integration with:

3D configurator

Sell custom products
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Team stores

Sell to groups & teams
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Design Now Button

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