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Team Stores

Group/teams stores are dedicated stores on your website for your customers, ie teams, leagues, clubs, schools or organizations. Group/team stores are also referred to as customer stores, client stores, club shops, dealer stores, express stores, pop-up stores and corporate stores.

Team store software


Enter a Title for your group/team store:

  • You can enter a title in multiple languages. Languages must first be set in the Settings tab.

Enter an Introduction Text:

  • The Introduction Text will appear in your group/team store.
  • You can enter an Introduction Text in multiple languages.

Enter a Slug:

  • A slug is the part of a URL which identifies a particular page on a website in an easy to read form. In other words, it's the part of the URL that explains the page's content. In the example ‘, team-usa is your slug.
  • BrikL automatically generates a slug for each new product based on the information you enter. For example, if you enter “Team USA”, its slug will become “team-usa”.
  • A slug must be unique. Important: if the slug is not unique (i.e. it has already been used elsewhere) the product page will not be visible (product/collection/package/groupstore)

Activate “Enabled”

  • In order for a group/team store to appear in your storefront, it first needs to be enabled. Group/team stores that are not enabled will not be visible. 

Select your Privacy Setting

  • You can select either Private or Public
  • A public store will be visible to all visitors. Public stores will be listed on a group/team store listing page. A private store will be hidden, and can only be navigated to if you are provided the link.

Select your Integration Setting

  • An Internal Store will be linked to your main domain. For example, An Internal Store will also carry the same header/footer.
  • An External Store will be a new domain. It will also carry a different header/footer.

Copy a team store

  • You can copy a team store, along with the products that you select. Copying team stores saves you hours of time when having to setup a store for a new team.
Team store copy


  • You can drag-and-drop an image (or upload from your computer) to a group/team store as the logo and banner/cover.
Team store software

Product Personalization

  • You can add a personalization option to a group/team store. Personalization options will be applied to products that have personalization enabled. To enable personalization on a product leve, see here.
  • A personalization option can for example be a name or a number. A surcharge can be added to the option.
Team store software


  • You can assign products to a group/team store. Before you assign a product to a group/team store, you must first create a product.


  • You can assign collections to a group/team store to make it easier for customers to find your products.  Before you can assign a collection, you must first create a collection.


  • Group/team store shoppers will use this information to contact your customer in case of questions.
Team store software


  • You can set a Password for your group/team store. Shoppers that want to login have to enter a password first.


  • The branding will be the color of the header of your website, and will overwrite your default store header color. Color must be defined in HEX.
Team store software

Open/Close dates

  • You can set the open/close dates for your store. A shopper can browse a store that is closed, but you cannot checkout.
Team store software


  • Larger teams may require their members to select either an activity or a division for easy reporting and logistics later on. For example, a sports club may offer different sports and may have clubs in different cities. When their members place an order it is important that they select the correct activity and division so that the products can be easily distributed and delivered later on.


  • You can set the shipping settings for a group/team store which will overwrite the general shipping settings.

Communication Panel

  • Groups/teams can get admin access to see in real time orders for their group. You can set the available from/until, generate a link and share with group/team leaders.
  • Click on new, then add a name and assign the from/until date.
Team store software
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