Why should selling be taxing?
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Running a business online has enough challenges. Take sales tax out of the equation. More than 20,000 companies and developers a month trust TaxJar to calculate sales tax for millions of transactions.

Brikl’s TaxJar integration allows you to benefit from precise, location-specific sales tax rates and calculations. This takes care of special taxing district levels in real-time, so you can focus on growing your business.

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Sales tax you can count on

In the event of a technical issue, you need to know that sales tax calculations are still being made on your behalf. Failing to collect this from your customers means you’ll have to pay the difference when it comes to time to file. 

TaxJar safeguards the calculation process by backing up tax rates in the event of downtime. What’s more, the TaxJar’s API guarantees 99.99% uptime versus 95% from its competitors. 

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Forget researching rates

Keep pace with changes at state, country, and city level without manually researching them yourself. TaxJar automates the process of staying up to date with special taxing at district level. So you can swap rate tables and research for time. 


Accurate. Reliable. Right. 

Merchants need accuracy to ensure a customer experience that people won’t forget (for all the right reasons). As ZIP code rates don’t provide an adequate level of accuracy, TaxJar uses “rooftop-level” calculations. These ensure that the exact address corresponds to the right rate every time. 

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