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Whether you're a coach, a CEO or a sales representatives, you'll now be able to see how well your group store is converting when your store is open and active. Keep track of how many orders have been created, how much you have sold, raised, and what products you have sold, at-a-glance.

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Real-time deployment

From today, group store changes can be made and viewed in real-time. This means that all group store pages, such as homepages, product and collection pages, will show the most recent data at all times - deployment is no longer required.

Non-group store collection pages and content pages will still require deployment for updates to be publicly visible.

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Set store open and close cycles

Imagine being able to set up a store in literal seconds without having to duplicate an existing store. This can now be a daily reality by using the cycles settings accessed from the availability tab in your team store dashboard menu.

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Fee setting

You can now set fees for within your team or group stores. These are then automatically applied to all customer transactions. The advantage of this is that setting a fee gives you the opportunity to pass on charges you may incur on your side to customers.

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To save you even more time when it comes to duplicating a store, you can now clone more than just products and collections. You can now duplicate content modules, discounts, fundraising, fees, and even group store level personalization.

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Coupon usage

Our new coupon usage feature has been created to help you track how many times an active coupon code has been applied at checkout.


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Downloading order invoices

To make it even easier to keep track of your accounting and reporting, you can now download order invoices from the dashboard.


Replace 3D image viewer with GIF

Create enhanced interactivity on product cards and product pages with GIFs.

Screenshot 2021-10-08 at 10.22.58

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Color picker

There's now a new way to pick a color and apply it across your storefront. Our new color picker feature allows you to drag and pick shades from a color palette, allowing you to find the perfect shade to fit your content or object. 


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