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The Design Room and Studio Editor 👉🏾  Design Studio 🔥 Hot new feature

To improve studio performance and reduce confusion around the difference between the Design Studio and Studio Editor in the Dashboard, we've decided to consolidate the two.

We're excited to introduce you to our all-in-one Design Studio, where you can expect to see your studio settings, share, and export functionality in one place.

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Add live inventory and product data from suppliers 

The ability to easily upload products and all associated details, without having to pull product images, create descriptions, manually assign pricing, and much more, can help save custom and promotional businesses with large catalogs hundreds of hours a year.


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Download invoices in bulk

Instead of having to manually download individual invoices, this new feature allows you to download order invoices, created under one cycle, from the order page in bulk. The download file will be a zipped file (to reduce the file size). Simply click into the zip folder to view individual PDF invoices.

Example (1)



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Expose branding

You can now assign a brand to products. This feature makes it a lot easier for promotional businesses to manage their products effectively, for example, when syncing ERPs and creating reports.

Simply go to Catalog, then Products, then Product Brand to use this feature.


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Unassign color palette

Prior to this feature improvement, there was no way to remove an assigned palette aside from going one step back, closing the modal and deleting the color palette from the list. This was longer than necessary, which is why we've now made it possible to remove an assigned color palette with one click.



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Setting admin portal permissions

You may want more than one team representative to access the team's admin portal. To restrict access to specific users, assign team store admin portal permissions.

Setting up admin access can be done in one of two ways:

  • Through merchants who want to grant someone admin access to the admin portal.
  • Through admins of the admin portal who want to grant someone else admin access.

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