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Export by size 🔥Hot new feature

This feature allows you to upload design templates for product sizes and  export their print files.

To upload design templates:

  • Prepare individual design template files for each size and navigate to the studio editor.
  • Select the upload button in the Studio Settings, then go to upload design templates. Designers can upload their design templates by size (S, M, L, XL).
  • The Studio Editor will then display the uploaded templates.

Changelog June - design room

To  export print files:

  • Navigate to the Design Room.
  • Select the export button, then select the size you'd like to export (the ability to download your size depends on the uploaded templates).
  • Export your print file - the final product will be downloaded to your computer in your selected size.

Duplicate collections 

As a merchant, you can now make sure that collections are copied over when you duplicate a team store. Head to Products > Collections > Duplicate Store to copy your team store and select which products and collections you want to carry over. Then hit 'Start Duplicating'. 



🔧Update: Now, when you duplicate a team store and select which products you want copied over with it, selected products will be active as default. This saves you time on having to set the product status individually. 



Set transparency of text and images 🔥Hot new feature

We've just released a new feature to Brikl's platform that allows you to adjust the opacity of images and text.

To use this feature:

  • Navigate to the design studio.
  • Select an image to upload or enter your desired text into the text box.
  • Place this image or text onto the product.
  • Go to 'Edit' and adjust the opacity slider from 10% to 100%.
  • The image transparency will adjust to the selected range.
    Changelog June - setting the transparency of text and images


Edit customer orders  🔥Hot new feature

As a merchant, you'll now be able to edit customer orders in the dashboard before the order is shipped and add internal notes for your reference.

You can make following edits when:

  • A variant or multiple variants need to be updated.
  • A shipping address needs to be updated.

Before an order is shipped, select the requested variant on the product, or change the shipping address in the order detail page to change them.

Create a note to reference a change in the 'internal notes' section. Only the creator of the note can delete it.

💡Top tip: When you try to change the variant on the product or change the shipping address, there will  be a message warning that this order can't be updated as it has been shipped.

Changelog June - error sign


VAT (Tax) overrides  🔥Hot new feature

To extend our new VAT for specific collections feature further, you now have the option to set a VAT rate for your products and collections of your choice which will be visible to customers at checkout.

This will be particularly useful for kids' products that require 0% VAT rate and multiple products with different VAT rates. 

Changelog June - VAT overrides