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Bulk paste orders πŸ”₯ hot new feature 

Brikl's merchants, coaches, and team representatives often spend extensive amounts of time going back and forth on email to gather together orders on Excel spreadsheets - up to 4 hours a day in some cases. 

Merchants now have the ability to paste orders in bulk, saving them up to 80 hours a month.

Find out the benefits of this feature and how to use it here

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Customizable shipping πŸ”₯ hot new feature

You will now be able to add shipping methods and set shipping rates at a shop and sales channel level. This allows your customers and you as a merchant complete flexibility and a more tailored experience at checkout.

Creating a shipping zone allows you to add and edit shipping methods with descriptions to clarify each, e.g., 2-3 day working day delivery times, carbon-neutral transport, and shipping to EU countries.

πŸ’‘Top tip: This feature can be defined on a shop level and overwritten on a team store level, as shipping methods can be different for team stores, e.g., free in-store collection or from a consolidation point.

Learn more about this feature here


Addition of Apple Pay to checkout πŸ”₯ hot new feature

With an iPhone user increase of about 23% in 2020 alongside the growth in Apple Pay mobile payments, Brikl has now added Apple Pay payments to checkout. 

This allows your customers to benefit from a streamlined, friction-free checkout process and secure transactions using a method they're familiar with. This level of confidence can help cart values, consumer trust, and loyalty increase across your site. 

Read more about why Apple Pay matters to your customers here

Add more information to print files. 

The quality of your products heavily relies on your print files. This is why ensuring that information is clearly laid out in your print files and designs is so crucial.

That's why Brikl has added color details such as:

- Pantone
- Internal code
- Internal name
- Code

Newly generated print files should include all the additional data above.

Tax by state πŸ”₯ hot new feature

You can now set tax rates on a state level for the US and Canada. Go to the dashboard settings, head to 'Tax' then 'Tax rates for specific countries and states.' Choose your country and state, then add. Tax rates can be defined below. 

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Read more about this here 

Adjust image and text opacity

Merchants can now adjust image and text opacity in the Design Room and Design Studio for a greater degree of personalization. 

  • Slider bars can adjust the opacity of text and images from 10%-100%. 
  • This feature works with any image or text as long as neither is deemed as default.
  • This feature is not a legally permissible watermark. 

Head to the design studio now to try this feature yourself. 

Custom image on stock items hot new feature

This feature, specially engineered for company sales representatives, allows customer logos to be added onto a flat product image when setting up a team store. 

Customers will then be able to view and buy the product in the storefront.

Read more about this feature here.

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Edit customer orders

You can now edit customer orders when:

  • A variant or multiple variants need to be updated, for example, sizes. You will be alerted if the variant you supply has a different value from the original one. 
  • A shipping address needs to be updated before the orders have been shipped. You will be alerted if the shipping status is already "Shipped." 

Read more about this feature here

Excluding discount options

When adding a new discount or coupon, you now have the option to exclude specific packages while including them on others. This allows you as a merchant more flexibility to set discount codes against selected product lines and collections.

Read more about Brikl's discounts and promotion features here

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