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New team store dashboard structure

Log into your dashboard and you'll notice it looking better than ever! In an effort to streamline your user experience across the platform, we've consolidated dashboard features to: 

  • Better address your needs.
  • Direct you to the features and functions you're looking for faster. 
  • Create a cleaner and more compact look that doesn't require side scrolling.

Email configuration

Now you can funnel and define which contact email you want to use for different purposes. And just like payment configuration, setting your contact email works at a shop level but can be overridden at team store level. 

Payment configuration

The new and improved payment configuration you see here is shown on a shop level - but remember to configure them in your Stripe account first. You then need to enable them in your settings.

Reset button for color fill

Color fill is a predefined area in the design studio where color can be applied by selecting from a palette.


It's now easier than ever to reset colors. Simply select the color from the palette to fill the color zone you specify and click again to reset it. 

New deployment

We've improved the deployment process to better suit your needs!

Previously, the general deployment button only worked for MYBRIKL and there were separate deployment buttons for other storefronts. Now, each storefront has its own deployment button, including the MYBRIKL storefront. MYBRIKL is the default storefront if you only have one.

  • Dynamic, real-time changes will appear for shipping, price, inventory, coupons, upcharges and Design Studio content. 
  • Deployment is required for product, content and team stores. Team stores will also be dynamic soon. 

Image quality setting

Screenshot 2021-11-01 at 16.53.39

Brikl supports the uploading of PNG, JPG, SVG, AI or PDF formats with a maximum file size of up to 20MB. Once an image has been uploaded, it can be added to the 3D model. 

Setting a higher image quality setting also means that image performance and loading speed times may decrease due to the 3D image's increased file size and loss of compression.

Terms of Service acknowledgement

Just in case you missed it, we have just released a Terms of Service acknowledgement to the Brikl platform. 

Font library

The Brikl platform now features the option to disable default fonts in the studio. You can now choose to only use fonts you have uploaded, allowing an enhanced level of personalization across the platform.

Untitled (7)-png

Screenshot 2021-08-26 at 12-03-15-png