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Font configurator 🔥 Hot new feature 

To keep your brand as consistent and eye-catching as possible, you can now upload as many fonts as you like inside the font configurator. Those fonts can be applied both in the studio and the storefront itself. font

Preview, publish and share 


We've made it easier to see your team store URL and effortlessly share the link with customers and clients. This was quite a manual process previously: you'd have to put your domain name in slash, your team store, name or slot, and your language of choice.

Now, you can click on the 'share' link and send it to whoever you like. 

Heads up…

The 'copy store' function is now 'duplicate store'. The preview function has also moved into the 'publish' button. 

SEO language box


You spoke; we listened. This feature was requested by some of our merchants who wanted the ability to edit and optimize their pages for search. 

We've integrated SEO details within every content builder to make it easier for you to optimize content pages and control how you appear in Google – just head to 'settings'. 

Upcharge at the product level

Price is a major factor in a customer's purchase decision, which is why it's essential to make them aware of additional payments they'll have to make at checkout. 

We've made upcharges more visible at checkout for enhanced transparency.