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Products are the goods that you sell in your store. In BrikL software, we consider two types of products: Ready-made Products and Custom Products.

Ready-made products refer to those items that you either keep physical stock of or that have a finished design.

Custom products are created from templates using different colors, materials, prints, images, logos, text and other embellishments. Custom products are always on a made-to-order basis and do not carry stock.

You can add products to your storefront.

Add product Information

Enter an Accounting ID for your product:

Enter an Internal ID for your product:

Enter a Title for your product:

Enter a Product Description:

Enter a Slug:

Activate “Enabled”

Activate “Has Personalization?”

Activate “Is Custom Product”

Custom products will have a number of tabs associated with it: Elements, Assets, Design Templates and Color Zone Maker.



Open Studio

Assign a product Variant

A variant is a particular variation of a product (eg size, color) and has specific variant options (eg small, medium).

Add product Inventory/Price

You can generate a matrix of variant option combinations. First, enter the default price on a product level. Next, click the “Generate variant options” button.

Add product Media

Media are the product thumbnails.

Assign a Collection

A collection is a group of products.

Assign a Sales Channel

A sales channel can either be your webshop (mybrikl) or a group/team store.

Assign an Attribute

Update Elements

Elements correspond to (groups of) pattern pieces.

Add Assets

Assets are the files that are required for a product to be customizable/visible in the Design Studio. The Assets tab applies to custom products only.

Add Design Templates

Design templates are the base designs for your 3D model that users can easily customize by changing a color zone.

Color Zone Maker

Coming soon!

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