Build Efficiency into Your Enterprise Applications with Integrations

Get integrations between your online store, CRM, ERP, and back office applications to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

We integrate your 3rd party application for you. 

Businesses depend on many third party cloud-based applications like Joomla, Salesforce, Oracle to name just a few to run their day to day business.

We at BRIKL offer integrations with your favorite online store, customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource management (ERP) and back office applications like accounting.

Transform admin task to automate data entry and focus on your business growth. Synchronize your online shops, team stores and micro site with your back office applications.

Benefits for doing so are numerous and include

  • Higher flexibility
  • Cost reduction across departments
  • Improved efficiency across the whole value chain
  • Higher productivity in general and between departments
  • Collaboration within the organization and with customers

Contact us now for a quote

Our team will contact you to discuss the next step of the integration. Each integration is unique with your requirements to best fit your needs. The price is set on a case by case basis. Depending on the integration type and requirements.
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