Bodywear Lab and BRIKL

In April 2020 THE BODYWEAR LAB was launched in the UK, marrying BrikL technology with design and manufacturing know-how to bring a customization experience to entrepeneurs, influencers and brands.

BODYWEAR LAB offers an extensive color and print library that the customer can choose from to customize a beautiful collection of swimwear products.

Each element of a product can be customized with a different color or print. Prints can be further configured by changing their position and scale.

THE BODYWEAR LAB was built with BRIKL's next-generation ecommerce & design platform for custom products:
- BRIKL Ecommerce software
- BRIKL Pagebuilder (with website templates)
- BRIKL 3D Configurator with color and print libraries
- BRIKL Team store software for B2B private stores
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Product configurator - Swimsuit
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Product configurator - Swimsuit
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