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Why customers love BRIKL

BRIKL can increase your sales volume, lower your cost and speed up production. There is no complicated process to learn and we do not need to change your work flow. We can take your patterns and when customers create online designs and checkout, the files are production ready.

What customers like about our system

  • Drag and drop 2D to 3D – Drag and drop a 2D into our system to be seen instantly in 3D. One click later there is a sharing link created to give to your prospects for them to see the design in full 3D. There is nothing complicated about it.
  • Team stores – We provide team stores that can be fully branded to your customers and setup in 15-20 minutes. Our one click reporting system will organize your orders by team for production, coupons used, who ordered and what items.
  • Team Leadership – Our team stores will allow you to provide team managers/coaches with a link to review in real time all the orders that have been placed without having to contact you.
  • Website design – Our page builder will allow you to build and change your website at anytime.
  • Auto design feature – Design a trisuit and in a few clicks the design is replicated into a cycling kit or a run kit or BOTH!
  • Multi language and multi currency features.