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What is happening with customization


3D is everywhere around us and is rapidly becoming a must-have to compete in every industry, from fashion to sports, electronics, furniture, packaging, household, and consumer goods.

3D Customization is a Major Trend in Ecommerce

Offering unique and affordable products is essential to compete in today’s ecommerce world where international consumer brands and large ecommerce retailers are growing more dominant.

With all things digital, customers also have higher expectations. They want to be co-designers and have a sense of ownership. They want to be able to interact directly with the product and want to know what the product will look like before they commit to a purchase.

Product configurators are a great way to get customers’ attention, increase conversion rates, and grow sales. Customers spend more time on your website and are more likely to make a purchase. Customizing digital items increases the customer's engagement. They can play around with colors, prints, and images to create a product that matches their NEEDS and DREAMS.

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3D Customization is a Major Trend in Ecommerce

In recent years, with the development of new technologies, 3D configurators are now capable of letting customers to quickly and easily customize products and see them in real-time in 3D. Customers can request a quote, or order and pay for them online. Designs can be converted into print-ready files.

Brands are increasingly looking for a 3D configurator

Many brands are starting to realize the importance of having an advanced product configurator. A configurator tool that provides a rich 3D visual experience, provides a breadth of customization options, is technologically advanced, has excellent understanding of the custom product, and makes it easy and fast for customers to create unique designs and purchase them. The future of customization is now.

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