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The Trick to Thrive as a Designer during a Recession

A few weeks into the Corona virus crisis, it’s quickly turning out to be one of the biggest recession of the last hundred years. Anything that is in the creative or graphic design industry - those things become optional.

Try something new

The way to recession-proof yourself as a graphic designer or freelancer is that you understand to quickly learn new skills and tools that can help you or your employer to generate more business.

BRIKL has just launched their new 3D Viewer app. If you often find yourself spending a lot of time turning those flat sketches into 3D designs, here’s the solution you’ve been looking for.

With BRIKL you can convert a 2D design into a beautiful 3D rendering with just a single click. You can generate a 3D preview link and share with your customers. Customers can open the link in the browser of their choice and interact with the 3D design by rotating and zooming in/out.

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Graphic designer

Graphic designers are visual problem solvers and communicators.  Their end goal is to make a brand or a product more recognizable and prominent.  Graphic designers are therefore also known as communication designers.

Graphic design is becoming increasingly important in the sales and marketing of products. For designers that specialize in garment design, being able to show their work in 3D has become as must. They need to keep up with new design software. They must be able to create designs quickly and efficiently, yet artistically interesting and appealing. They must be able to render their 2D illustrations quickly into interactive 3D. Interactive 3D designs that can be rotated and can be zoomed in on. This helps graphic designers in their communication to clients and customers, and to accurately reflect the desired message. 

Most graphic designers will use specialized graphic design software to render 2D designs into 3D. While these software packages are advanced and well known in the industry, they can be slow and inefficient to achieve the desired result.


BRIKL is a next-generation customization software, that allows you to render 2D illustrations into 3D interactive designs into just minutes, and allows to share an online preview link with customers. What makes BRIKL unique:

Easy to use

Simply drag and drop a design template in the BRIKL 3D rendering software. Review the 2D UV map and the 3D model side by side. You do not need any coding expertise.


Use the BRIKL 3D visualization software with the design software package of your choice like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw. You can export your designs in vector format from e.g. Illustrator and drag and drop in BRIKL to see the 3D rendering.

Interactive 3D model

Rotate your 3D model to view the product from all angles. Zoom in on it to see the details, including textures, seaming, stitching and more.

Save & Versioning

Keep track of the changes you make by saving different versions which you can then share online with others.

Generate a preview link

You can click on the "Generate Preview" link to create a URL that you can share via email with your customers. Customers can open the link in a browser window and interact with the 3D model.

Generate an embed link

You can generate an embed link and add this to your website, blog or online portfolio. With an embed link users can interact with 3D images.

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Getting started

To get started with BRIKL, simply create a new account. You have a 7-day free trial.

After you have logged in, go the Design tab and select Editor mode.