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Earth Day 2022 and You: A Better Way to Work

Have you ever tried to work while you're choking? Or tried juggling after someone told you something that made you bawl your eyes out? For the sake of this article, we just tried both, and we're here to report that it's hard!

Climate change is one of the biggest and heaviest pills to swallow. The notion of it can be so profoundly evocative that a philosopher called Glenn Albrecht invented a word for it. "Solastalgia" is a sense of homesickness and alienation from a world that's rapidly changing before your eyes.

Hey now, though, pick that chin up; nobody's ever done their best work while lying in a fetal position (fact). And the planet's relying on us to get our act together. 


Custom and promotional businesses aren't the only ones guilty of this, but industries worldwide have relied on archaic operations and legacy technologies (would you just leave already, Microsoft Excel?) to get them through a working day.

These cumbersome ways of working are hurting your profitability and productivity, but they're also not great for the planet. Because the longer you take to work, the more energy you use. The more you work across paper and printouts, the more waste you generate. And the longer you continue to work in the dark without visibility into what your suppliers are doing, the more likely you are to over or understock your shop. 

Take a minute to read how we can help with ALL of these challenges and more. 

Set Up and Sell In 15

Unlike other team store providers, Brikl's team stores have been designed to allow merchants, coaches, designers, and sales reps the unique ability to set up a MicroStore in under 15 minutes.

If like many of our merchants this process conventionally takes you hours over days, you need to stop reading this article right now and click this link so we can free you from a life of drudgery. Do it. Do it now. Or keep reading; we have a few more things to say… 

Our Price is Right

When we say we don't make money until you do, we mean it. We know that digital transformation is a gilded elephant in the room: most businesses want to ride it, but it looks intimidatingly expensive, so very few grab the reins and go. 

Brikl's commitment to growing your business comes from a democratized business model: we want to give companies easy, cost-efficient access to next-gen tech that grows and scales as they do. That's when we start making money.

There's no better way of showing dedication to your success than that!

Automate the Painfully Manual


Imagine the following challenges as time leeches that writhe around your office, each with their own 'personalities':

  • Order forms crying out for manual input.
  • Design iterations that can't be done en masse but demand individual attention.
  • Payments that make you work for your money by continuously chasing them. 

These characters make regular appearances in custom and promotional businesses. And not only are they huge time sinks for you, but they're also a drain on the planet's resources.

The more time you're glued to your desk, the worse it is for all of us, so tap Brikl in to stamp out these time leeches:

  • All orders are collated in Brikl's backend, giving your entire organization access to a single source of truth (not Dave from accounting's 'spreadsheet - v3'. Some numbers have gone wrong somewhere, Dave, and we're not pointing fingers, but it's definitely your fault). 

  • Brikl's 3D visualization tools eliminate paper waste, ink, and toner while allowing designers to map artwork onto 3D models. What's more, designs can be bulk embellished instead of being done one at a time. Ask any designer in your organization - this is a far more intuitive way to work and helps minimize design errors. There's no designer on the planet who won't love these features!

  • And last but not least, payments are tracked, collated, and taken care of through our Stripe integration. This super-secure, effortless use payment service is a leading technology for a reason (just like us: humble brag alert). When you and your customers are on the same page about orders and payments, it can reduce your communication time by 60%. That has a knock-on effect on how much battery-sapping pressure you're putting on devices such as laptops and phones. 

"It takes us around 6 hours a day to organize team orders, no joke! We create spreadsheets to record data, such as sizes, customization, prices, etc., which a colleague then double-checks. Add to this the hours spent communicating with suppliers, team members, designers... organizing one custom order is hundreds of hours lost! - Brikl merchant.

Get Integrated


There's nothing worse than feeling like Goldilocks when it comes to your stock and inventory levels.

Businesses that don't have an insight into customer analytics and supplier inventory are often over or understocked. But how do they get to the point where they're just right?

Brikl reporting gives you the data you need to gauge customer expectation proactively, while supplier integrations give you the tools to meet demand with supply. For custom and promotional businesses that make it a habit to be regularly overstocked, this also means fewer items going to landfills. And for those that are understocked, you can cut down your carbon footprint through continual stock deliveries. Huzzah!

Created Specifically For You

Brikl is so specialized in custom and promotional businesses that lightening your load, delivering streamlined operations, and reducing the pressure you put on the planet is a given.

The level of automation Brikl provides is second to none. This helps explain why in a recent poll given to our merchants, over 80% now see Brikl as business-critical. 

If any of what we've said sounds familiar to you, what are you waiting for? Get in touch. Or do you have any thoughts on our article? Leave us a comment below.